country girl?


i’m not the girl who you’ll see in jeans and boots. more like am in a chic outfit, completely unrelated to the outdoors or animals. if i told any passer-by that i lived on my own mini farm, they wouldn’t believe me.

but i’m a true farm girl.

i’m the girl who’s feeding her horses in workout shorts and a tank top, complete with boots. hay sticks to my sweaty arms. i’m tired. it’s been a long day, i have normally just completed a short workout. i gather eggs, most of the time i don’t have a bucket so i carry them in my shirt and i drop one more often than i would like to admit.

this is real life.

my boots, sitting faithfully next to my front door, are more wore than that girl i pass in rural king…but you’ll never see me in them in public. i wear those at home…every single day.  side note: i’m the girl who’s actually never been thrown. i can ride better than most. but this fact you’ll never know.

i love my horse so much. after a tough real life situation he’s the one who hears about my trials and sometimes if i cry he sees. he’s my baby.

i’m a country girl. i’m real.



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