img_2137i’ve always wanted to make them. and finally i bought the “forbidden” corn syrup to satisfy my little heart with this accomplishment. a little side note here, isn’t it funny how we aren’t suppose to use this liquid sweetener in cooking but well eat it in all the other candies and dare i say marshmallows. but to make all you health nuts feel better, i’m currently on a quest to create some using honey instead. they won’t taste as wonderful, but everyone will feel healthy and that’s all that matters?!?!? img_2156they tasted great!!! but they don’t toast up well, so they are a fail if you want to use them for s’mores over a fire. but as for hot chocolate, i don’t know if i’ll ever want to use the ones from the store ever again!! img_2152i’m one of the few weird humans that will admit to having a love for marshmallows…seriously i really do!!! remember everything in moderation…so i don’t eat more than three at a time=) hehe 

so now that i can make them myself i won’t have to purchase them any more. and soon i’ll be trying to make homemade gram cracker. img_2148i used the recipe from the year of cozy  btw; i love this book and her blog so much it’s seriously one of my top five=) her directions are written in such a down to earth and easy way. i just can’t praise her work enough.

since autumn’s a moment away (i mean this thursday is the official, calendar date) and the nights are just beginning to feel a slight bit chilly (or i’m imagining they are) i’ve been enjoying a cup of this hot wonderfulness quite a bit. well if you had a ton of “homemade” marshmallow wouldn’t you?!?!?



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