img_4874i woke this morning to the sound of rain on my roof. and i was instantly awake and smiling. there isn’t a better way to begin a day here in indiana, during the fall, than with rain. one that leaves the world feeling bright and clean. and all those lovely fall leaves so much brighter….

my house instantly felt cozier….

my blanket warmer…

my coffee sweeter…

my day perfecter…

even though it was still 3:30 in the morning…but that’s it is=) i love my mornings!

all was perfect. so naturally i went and began to bake a pear tart. i mixed together the egg whites, pecans and powder sugar with my hands…all the while trying to keep up in my “just awake” brain. next came peeling those lovely pears and dumping everything in a sauce pan to simmer…all the while sipping on my fresh cup of coffee. it turned out wonderful!!! filling my house, to the brim with it’s fabulously (very) fallish smell. img_2691i love the seasons…sometimes i think god created them specifically for me (but then that’s silly because i know how far from the truth this thought is) but i can’t help it!

now i’m going to eat some of my pear tart and then to work i go….

happy friday!




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