random thoughts on this cloudy wednesday

img_4984i snapped this of the fading autumn sun the other night, as i climbed out of my car after work. i’m so glad i live in a world where there’s octobers, but seriously though!! this weather is so wonderful and all the sights and smells just warm my heart and i’m constantly smiling.

as weird as it may sound i’m more inspired to try and fit in bit of cardio when the weather switches. for some reason the heat in the summer is depressing and i lack motivation. but this crisp air in my lungs and the brightly colored leaves to look at, who wouldn’t want to kill a mile or two outside?!?!

i’ve been checking off my fall cleaning list; the break from my home remolding has been so welcomed. but as i clean my mind is still racing forwards with ideas for the future and my pinterest account is so full of neat diy pins.

hopefully i mowed for the last time on saturday…gosh bundling up in a coat and blowing through mounds of pine needles isn’t so fun. but i believe i can confidently say goodbye to the weed-whack….definitely the worse chore around.

happy hump day,




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