october’s over (insert sad emoji)

the last morning of october is now history. it was a lovely one. october should (seriously) get the first-place award for containing the perfect sunsets and dawns.

but it ended with it’s best display…a crispy atmosphere, pink colored sky line and a slice of a golden moon…i found myself holding my breath while gazing at this wonderful sight.


october is my favorite month…it holds the anticipations of the holiday season (I enjoy the expectation of the holidays more than the actual days themselves). its chilly. inviting all the sweaters and boots to appear. but not too cold to include gloves and frozen noses. soup and other warm food begins to grace the tables. it’s positively wonderful!img_2876i took advantage of the bright, full moon, dawns to ride my horses…around the newly harvested fields. forgetting for a moment that i was an adult and would have to be in the office within the hour. instead i marveled at our shadows, created by just the moon. the first birds songs. the smells and all the other little joys that comes with being with nature while it wakes. img_2884img_2886i love those moments (they don’t happen as often anymore) where you can be yourself, or that little kid inside yourself. to just smile and think crazy thoughts or dream impossible dreams.

but now it’s november…




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