img_3531how was your christmas?

mine was perfect.

i enjoy the season so much that the 25th wasn’t quite as fun as the, many, days leading up to it – for me at least.

i spent the month of december opening my online gift purchases. decorating my little home-space. sipping hot chocolate. baking cookies and other yummy christmas treats for my family and others to enjoy. wrapping gifts. mailing out christmas cards. giving gifts to my neighbors and mailing some to far-away living friends. listening to christmas carols non-stop. reading christmas books. reading and re-reading the christmas story. watching a few of my favorite christmas movies. and spending quality time with distant friends and my lovely family.

i also had some not-so-enjoyable memories from this month. my pipes froze. i had to haul water for my animals from my bathroom. my stove pipe slide down and created an emotional melt-down. (only because i was too stubborn to ask for help sooner, but i finally did) people very close to me hurt me with their actions and word more than i can fully express in words.

but i choose to not focus on the negative and instead dove head first into serving others and really holding on to the season for the first time in my life. this years celebration with my siblings was; by far the most wonderful evening we’ve ever had. i wanted to bottle the moment up and keep it with me forever.

my loveliest memory of the entire season was on christmas morning. sitting with my family in church. all dressed up and singing my favorite carol. silent night. what a way to begin the day and what a special moment.