homestead dreams

plans and dreams (ahhh if only time would hurry…)img_6587my mind is racing forward to spring. here on my modern homestead i’m planning and dreaming away….

  1. i put money down on two goats that will be coming to live on my little homestead, next spring at four weeks old!!! they’re milk goats (nubians, this breed has the highest buttermilk percentage of milk goats) resulting in me being able to make cheese, soap etc. =) i’m purchasing two does and will (artificially, cause i can’t stand bucks in the least) breed them and sell their babies or use them for meat…
  2. i bought three apple trees, an apricot tree, a cherry tree and a plum tree. also i’m hoping to purchase and plant grapes.
  3. i’m fencing in my front lawn, and will use it for an extra grazing area for my two horses….because i’ll need that time it takes to mow it, every week, to care for all my “new” additions =)
  4. also i’m making maple syrup in next month!!!  this year i’ll be making it over a wood fire!! i still need to make my boiling stove…but onward and upward…i’m excited!!!
and i think that’s all the homestead news i have for you today…lol
happy friday,

chicken and dumplings

img_6420i had my sister (my bestfriend) over to spend the weekend, while another other sister’s boyfriend was occupying her. (her room doubles as a guest room)

ever since i made the cozy kitchen’s chicken and dumpling recipe from her book a year of cozy (given to me by a dear friend…and it’s a book i treasure above all my home themed books) i’ve wanted her to taste it and when the opportunity for her to not just taste but make it couldn’t be passed.

cooking this recipe with her will be a memory that i will always treasure…

her asking questions, me explaining.

just stepping back and encouraging her to bravely mix the dumplings alone.

watching her drop the dumplings in the sizzling stock.

witnessing her joy and surprise on seeing the fluffy warm dumplings, after they cooked.


her eyes when she tasted this truly “comforting” winter soup.

it was a lovely night…



what’s really important…?

img_3673img_3666img_3721i’m in love with my chickens – call me crazy but there’s something about watching them, so carefree and happy it calms my heart. coming home after the racing mode and deadlines of my office life this little bit of solitude and peace is something i look forward to and enjoy.

animals have a way of reconnecting us to what is really is important in this life and also showing us what isn’t. right now for me at the beginning of 2017 it’s my faith. my job. my family. my animals. and lastly my friends….in that order as well. 

i wish that i had time to commit to hobbies, but so far this year i’ve only been able to enjoyed a tiny relaxing evening each day…consisting of a quick dinner and a five minute house pickup. then after my shower i turn all the lights off, save the lamp over my chair, and cozy up in a blanket to enjoy a book and steamy mug hot chocolate. i normally fall asleep after i complete a chapter and my foamy hot wonderfulness.

one day life will be different. one day my weekends won’t consist of house remodeling. one day my house will be finished, decorated and lovely. and then (since you’re never ever too old to learn) i will devote my time to hobbies and study….

…until then….img_3581it’s work. sleep. repeat.