homestead dreams

plans and dreams (ahhh if only time would hurry…)img_6587my mind is racing forward to spring. here on my modern homestead i’m planning and dreaming away….

  1. i put money down on two goats that will be coming to live on my little homestead, next spring at four weeks old!!! they’re milk goats (nubians, this breed has the highest buttermilk percentage of milk goats) resulting in me being able to make cheese, soap etc. =) i’m purchasing two does and will (artificially, cause i can’t stand bucks in the least) breed them and sell their babies or use them for meat…
  2. i bought three apple trees, an apricot tree, a cherry tree and a plum tree. also i’m hoping to purchase and plant grapes.
  3. i’m fencing in my front lawn, and will use it for an extra grazing area for my two horses….because i’ll need that time it takes to mow it, every week, to care for all my “new” additions =)
  4. also i’m making maple syrup in next month!!!  this year i’ll be making it over a wood fire!! i still need to make my boiling stove…but onward and upward…i’m excited!!!
and i think that’s all the homestead news i have for you today…lol
happy friday,

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