another thing:

img_4804ai was born to travel. i’m one hundred percent sure of this fact. but the realization that my house has become my home, happened during my last trip. most likely it was due to the fact i was alone and was thinking a lot.

like officially after living here for a little over a year.

i’ve called it home, but now it feels like my home.

and I love it like home.

what did i miss?

i missed my cozy living room on sunday afternoon. making my own cup of wonderful coffee. looking at the tufted titmouse on my feeder as i washed dishes, after preparing my own meal. filling my chicken’s water as they all crowd around. sweeping my porch. hanging clothes on the line, before work, in the dim morning light.

i missed home.

i miss my home.

have a good weekend!!!



providence ri – from the solo traveler

img_4653traveling solo taught me so much. but by far, the biggest lesson learned was that i need to possess more self-confidence while making decisions. i came to a point my second day in providence when i was like; just because i planned to see something doesn’t mean i have to go there….my next destination was completely up to me at that moment. this was a huge relief to me.img_4705keeping my cool in the times when i absolutely did not know the how or the what regarding the next step, was a lot of work for me. but i got through and thoroughly enjoyed floating from one place to the next… gone was the “list checking” girl. i focused on what was around me, instead of the next place. living minute by minute, giving up the control.img_4547isn’t this a simile with our walk with god, a reminder of how easy it is to try and control our every plan. our quest to see the end results, instead of looking up and enjoying the sunshine or the thunder above us. we try and resist giving up the “control” of our lives that we think we have. it’s a scary thought. but just like traveling, in the long run it’s actually so much easier and way more fun. not to mention the stress that goes away and the sheer enjoyment of the gift of life that comes with this decision.img_4685 does this mean i just throw away my schedule book and just live without any plans or goals. no i still have those in place but i also have the joy and freedom of knowing that he made me and had planned my days, so why do i worry and stress about the unknown. I’m going to stop forgetting to enjoy the life i’ve been given. img_4541“for i know the plans i have for you,” declares the lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” jer. 29:11