smile (noun)

they say a picture is worth a thousand words…well that is true and all but I seem to think that there is another something that worth far more than a thousand words. a smile.img_2249i’m a “get it done” type of girl and I think sometimes this spills over into the rude category. i have to ask myself every once in a while: at the checkout line am I in too big of a hurry to be kind or considerate to the casher or the person in front of or behind me? what about while I’m driving am I in too big a hurry to smile and wave at that person riding a bike or the little amish children in their yard, playing? a smile cost me nothing. and takes no time or effort to give away.img_2257img_2258my perfectly mapped out agenda and well-manicured calendar are both not good enough excuses to not notice, or be kind, to the humans I come in contact with on a daily basis. Those times that seem to be very inconvenient, most often, have proven to be the times that i remember with the most fondness…because when we give, truly give; no matter the gift. we always get way more back.img_2254img_2251winston churchill once said “we make a living by what we get. we make a life by what we give.” so true! so today i purpose to give away more smiles and more quiet kindness. wither it’s listening to someone else; when i’d rather check that last item off my “to-do” list. or simply waving to my neighbor, accompanying by a smile. something so small and so simple can change a person’s day.img_2256

Happy First Day of Fall!!!!!!




img_2137i’ve always wanted to make them. and finally i bought the “forbidden” corn syrup to satisfy my little heart with this accomplishment. a little side note here, isn’t it funny how we aren’t suppose to use this liquid sweetener in cooking but well eat it in all the other candies and dare i say marshmallows. but to make all you health nuts feel better, i’m currently on a quest to create some using honey instead. they won’t taste as wonderful, but everyone will feel healthy and that’s all that matters?!?!? img_2156they tasted great!!! but they don’t toast up well, so they are a fail if you want to use them for s’mores over a fire. but as for hot chocolate, i don’t know if i’ll ever want to use the ones from the store ever again!! img_2152i’m one of the few weird humans that will admit to having a love for marshmallows…seriously i really do!!! remember everything in moderation…so i don’t eat more than three at a time=) hehe 

so now that i can make them myself i won’t have to purchase them any more. and soon i’ll be trying to make homemade gram cracker. img_2148i used the recipe from the year of cozy  btw; i love this book and her blog so much it’s seriously one of my top five=) her directions are written in such a down to earth and easy way. i just can’t praise her work enough.

since autumn’s a moment away (i mean this thursday is the official, calendar date) and the nights are just beginning to feel a slight bit chilly (or i’m imagining they are) i’ve been enjoying a cup of this hot wonderfulness quite a bit. well if you had a ton of “homemade” marshmallow wouldn’t you?!?!?


country girl?


i’m not the girl who you’ll see in jeans and boots. more like am in a chic outfit, completely unrelated to the outdoors or animals. if i told any passer-by that i lived on my own mini farm, they wouldn’t believe me.

but i’m a true farm girl.

i’m the girl who’s feeding her horses in workout shorts and a tank top, complete with boots. hay sticks to my sweaty arms. i’m tired. it’s been a long day, i have normally just completed a short workout. i gather eggs, most of the time i don’t have a bucket so i carry them in my shirt and i drop one more often than i would like to admit.

this is real life.

my boots, sitting faithfully next to my front door, are more wore than that girl i pass in rural king…but you’ll never see me in them in public. i wear those at home…every single day.  side note: i’m the girl who’s actually never been thrown. i can ride better than most. but this fact you’ll never know.

i love my horse so much. after a tough real life situation he’s the one who hears about my trials and sometimes if i cry he sees. he’s my baby.

i’m a country girl. i’m real.


why i love to serve a meal

there’s something about seeing a table full of wonderful food being enjoyed by smiling people. it warms my heart! i sometimes think that this was maybe my purpose in life and in a way it’s really is…it’s everyone’s purpose…

IMG_1425IMG_1428IMG_1430we are all called serve others. for some that’s on the mission field, other’s it may be watching their children or washing their husband’s dirty laundry. for still others it could be working in retail or serving coffee.

for my dad it was working day in to day out to put food on the table for his ten children. and for my mom it was raising us children and making what little we had go the farthest.

i had two of the greatest examples of true servants in my parents; unselfish, selfless, christ-centered, loving service.

in my life when i’m the happiest and when i get the most fulfillment out of a simple day is when i serve or give of myself to others. in this time of my life it’s, more often than not, in the form of food or a meal.

i love it when my hands are all covered in flour and i’m rolling out the pie crust, just thinking of the smiles i’ll see spread across the face of the recipient. this alone, has kept me up til the wee hours of the morning just so i could pull a perfectly baked loaf out of the oven to surprise a friend with.

god has given me so much. a love for cooking and also a love for serving. the two combined are very beautiful and make my simple life worthwhile.

what gift has god given you? does it pair well with a type of serving that leaves you feeling better about others?

mornings…why do they end anyway?!?!?


good morning!

a smile and a nod to myself in the mirror as i hurriedly begin to apply my makeup. all the while watching the clock.

my rooster hears me through my open windows and he can’t help but begin his series of morning chows…

5 minutes to apply the eye liner and mascara.


i slip on a tank top, shorts and grab some socks…then pull on the hunter boots

my front door slams behind me.

the motion light flickers on…the whole dark still outside world seems to blink and squint in the unwelcome light.

somewhere in the darkness, of my pasture, sam winnies to me.

it’s going to be a good day.

my dream becomes reality


have you ever, as a kid, laid in the grass and dream of “one day i will…?” the ideas and plans are endless and this attitude is so addicting that if you don’t watch yourself you could have spent hours exhausting this subject.

well i did. many times. also i would dream out loud to my (sister) best friend on our daily walks. i wanted a career and i wanted my own home.

i ended up with a wonderful job….


the second half of my little dream became reality as well. i bought a house while i was still 21. it’s a fixer-upper. and the place i call home.